Required Props

userUser (type)The user object for the component

Optional Props

sizenumber40The size in px for avatars
borderRadiusnumber | "rounded""rounded"Border radius in px for avatars or "rounded" for rounded corners
borderWidthnumber2Border width in px
borderColorstring"white"Accepts any CSS border-color property
backgroundColorstring"rgba(0,0,0,0.5)"Accepts any CSS backgroundColor property
backgroundOpacitynumber1Number from 0 to 1 sets the opacity of the background
colorstring"white"Accepts any CSS color property
tag"div" | "li" | "span" | "button""div"Tag used for the UserAvatar wrapper
colourizeProperties("backgroundColor" | "color" | "borderColor")[]["backgroundColor"]List of properties that the colour will be automatically generated for. Default value means only the backgroundColor will be generated.