Required Props

usersUser[] (type)The list of users for the component

Optional Props

usersLengthnumberThe total amount of users, if not provided is counted automatically using the length of users
themestring"default"Sets the class for the wrapper HTML element that can be used for custom themes
sizenumber40The size in px for avatars
borderRadiusnumber | "rounded""rounded"Border radius in px for avatars or "rounded" for rounded corners
maxItemsnumber3The maximum number of avatars to display before slicing
borderWidthnumber2Border width in px
borderColorstring"white"Accepts any CSS border-color property
toggleListOnHoverbooleantrueTurning it off won't show/hide the dropdown menu on hover
minWidthstring"240px"Minimum width of the dropdown menu
maxHeightstring"200px"Max height of the dropdown menu before applying a scroller
isExpandedbooleanfalseWhether the dropdown menu should be expanded as default
childrenReact.ReactNodeCustom child wrapper for the dropdown items, props available are index: number, user: User